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Improving and upgrading your skills 

Upskill Mentor believes in imparting quality coaching so that the students can confidently aim high  and definitely accomplish their goals.  We believe that a top up of required linguistic skills can surely play an instrumental role in the success of our students, be it, IELTS, CAT or any other competitive exam.

The staff at Upskill Mentor has over 13 years of experience in training students for competitive exams. Moreover, lots of personal efforts and individual attention help the trainees to crack the desired course. That's why their students are much more motivated and successful in their respective fields.



Helpful Information

What is the duration and fee for IELTS courses?

Upskill Mentor offers online group as well as one-on-one courses which range between 15 and 30 sessions depending on the level of the students. Each session is of 60 minutes(1hour). All the courses are priced at affordable rates. Since we have customised courses too, the students should contact us for fee details.

Will I get study material from Upskill Mentor?

Yes, you will. We believe  not only in imparting right skills and techniques to the students but also in making them practice harder. For that, the students are given lots of practice tests and mock tests.

How do I enrol for the course?

Please call or leave a message on WhatsApp at the given number(9225528345). You can email us at upskillm@gmail.com You can book your orientation session which will give you a fair idea of the Upskill Mentor teaching methods. The experienced educator will give you a detailed feedback of your strengths and weaknesses and will guide you further.


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